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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Tim was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. From an early age, Dr. Tim learned the incredible power of what a chiropractic adjustment could do. At the age of 5, his grandmother persuaded his mother to bring him to her chiropractor. He suffered from extreme asthma and went to the emergency room often. Within a 6 week period, Dr. Christopher was able to decrease the frequency of attacks immensely. Within a year of treatment, the asthma was gone. From that point on, whether it was a cold, flu, or a headache, he was brought to Dr. Christopher’s office. 


Soon enough, Dr. Tim was a fixture at the clinic. He was mesmerized by the countless patients that would come in. From pain-based patients, to digestive problems, everyone got better. But, most of all: everyone left with a smile on their face. "Find what you love to do. Do it honestly, and with your entire heart, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Dr. Christopher would say. So, in 2012, Dr. Tim enrolled into Palmer College of Chiropractic and never looked back.


In his spare time, he continues to serve the community. You will see him coaching CrossFit and bootcamp classes. He is also honored to be the official chiropractor and head coach at Gun Lake Tribe and Casino.  With everything that Tim does, he does with a smile and warm heart.  When not encouraging people in fitness and healthy lifestyle choices, Dr. Tim enjoys spending time with his beautiful fiancée Shae and puppy Finnley. They enjoy camping and hiking in northern Michigan and are highly enthusiastic about making a good cup of coffee. Don't be surprised if you smell the sweet nectar of a pour over coffee in Dr. Tim's clinic! 

"Find what you love to do. Do it honestly & with your entire heart and you will never work a day in your life."

-Dr. Christopher, Dr. Tim's mentor


CrossFit Coach since 2009

Palmer Functional Fitness Founder

Palmer Gonstead Club Executive & Teacher

Official Chiropractor of Gun Lake Tribe & Casino 

Founder of Gun Lake Functional Fitness

Undergraduate: Oakland University

Graduate: Palmer College of Chiropractic

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